A Track Record of Success in Defense Is your online store hosted on a reliable eCommerce Platform?

The Essential Features For a Reliable eCommerce Platform

Is your online store hosted on a reliable eCommerce Platform? Read this article and find out what are the essential features that your e-commerce platform provider must have to survive 2017.

The online retail industry is rocking! Seriously, market analysis claim that online sales will get near to 400 billion by the end of 2017. Taking that note on the side is really important that your e-commerce platform provides you the terms and environment for scaling your business and taking advantage of this new trend.

So, what are the essential features that your ecommerce platform needs to integrate for a promising growth of your online store?


As this new trend is on the sight, various fraudulent attempts by hackers and online thieves will approach and try your online store to gain profit. Research says that there are around 900 attacks monthly and over 50% are done with success. There are different ways to fight hackers and thieves online, yet, suppliers must compile a defensive strategy to get in their way.

It's very important that your eCommerce platform is following the PCI standards (12 safety standards), especially when your website is doing payment transactions with customers private data. The other step of defense is SSL certificates, that are usually 128-bit encryption technology data files, and they are hiding the real transaction details as well as making it unable to access for thieves. SSL also provides a badge in the URL of the domain which ensures the buyer that their data is protected and your company is legal.

Payment Processors

Selling online means getting paid online. There was a time when a customer had to go the bank and write a check to buy from an online store, today, we have various payment processors that make the intermediation between banks easy and your customers are just a click away from the desired product.

eCommerce platforms must have a flexible and yet easily integrated payment processors. The more choice for buyers, the better. As time goes, new trends and advancements in the internet technology gave us various paying choices and features. For example, you can use promotion with coupons for your online store, or perhaps group purchasing, location targeted pricing and different payment methods. The most popular payment processors on the market are PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Checkout, Payoneer, Stripe and many others to follow. 


Up-Sale and Cross-Sale Settings

Have you ever went to a grocery shop to buy a certain item and ended up buying stuff you never thought you'd need? That is cross-sale.

Cross-Selling happening when a customer wants to buy a certain product, yet your online store now has the ability to SUGGEST another item that you might need if using the first choice. Then it suggests you buy it for a bundle price.

On another hand, up-selling happens when you want to buy a product of certain value, yet the site will offer you another one that is a bit more pricey - yet offers a lot more value than the first one.

SEO and Mobile Friendly Design

As you may know, Search engine optimization is a key thing for any website in 2017. If your online store is SEO (optimized) it will pop on the first page of the Google results page when a certain item or product is searched. This has a great value for your online store as it is "free inbound traffic" and targeted visitors.

Recent research claims that mobile users that shop via smartphones and tablets increased by 60% and this percentage will go up, so to get on the ride your eCommerce platform must be optimized and responsive for mobile and tablet users, to provide a greater buying experience on your online store.

Realistically, we can't position a number one e-commerce platform here as they all serve different needs. Define your multi-vendor marketplace plans will determine the best platform for your online business.

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